You're a Notes or Domino developer and you need to get started working with XPages? Well that's what this site is designed for.

I'm Matt White, and I've created this suite of videos to take you from knowing nothing about XPages, right through to some of the more complex things that you can do for the first time with Lotus Domino. I've been developing applications using XPages since the summer of 2008, so let me walk you through the things I've learned along the way.

The first eight lessons I offer, walk you through creating an application from scratch. And then I've added a whole load of other lessons which cover individual topics around XPages development. Your subscription entitles you rights to watch the videos on your PC, your phone, your iPad, and download them for offline viewing. I also supply all of the sample code and databases required to follow along and make use of the content immediately.

For a sample lesson, check out Lesson 22 where I talk about using Custom Properties in your XPages and Custom Controls.

What previous subscribers have said

Subscribed to @XPages101 yesterday. Ep.76 relevant to current project. Today I have a working jQuery Mobile demo. Paid for itself already. - Martin Perrie

I have already made a return on investment by viewing just the first 4 lessons in #XPages101 - wish I had done this sooner - great bargain!! - Samir Pipalia

Got to say very impressed with Matts Xpages Training Videos. - Mark Barton

After the training you will have a firm understanding of basic and advanced XPages techniques and you will feel like a rock star at Lotusphere. - Bruce Elgort

The xpages101.net videos are worth every penny. Really great information there.. Highly recommended. - @kubocentral

Learnt a lot about xpages during the last weeks. Thx to @mattwhite and #xpages101. - @eknori

Just signed up for the online training video's of Xpages101 by @mattwhite I should have done that much earlier! - @martininaction

i can say with confidence that if you are learning xpages and don't have a sub to xpages101 , you are a bloody twit - @stickfight